2019 Jule

The weekend is a time for analytics

The first half of the year, the spring season is over, and it's time to summarize Fashion Events in Russia.

And the first topic that we will pay attention to will be events that integrate the entire fashion industry in one bottle and allow us to present its state - these are fashion weeks. The global context of these events is multidirectional. In Sweden, it was decided that the fall season would be the last for the Stockholm Fashion Week, sort of in order to open the way for new formats. I don't see any logic, I don't understand how a fashion week can block someone's path, no one bothers to use all other ways of promotion. But in China, we see a different picture. New fashion weeks are opening, they are actively developing, strengthening international relations, increasing the number of participating designers. For example, designers from 42 countries participated in Shanghai Fashion Week last spring. Envy. What is happening in Russia?

In just the first half of the year, 26 fashion weeks took place in Russia. These are not all the fashion weeks that exist in Russia, some of them do not hold the spring season, in the autumn the number of fashion weeks will increase.

According to the dates, Fashion weeks were distributed as follows.
In April, there was a maximum concentration of fashion weeks, in April 9 fashion weeks, or 34%, were held. (Diagram 1.) In March, May, June, 5 fashion weeks were held. In January and February, 1 fashion week passed. Is this choice of dates for fashion weeks justified? It all depends on the stakeholders of the process. But in general, it must be said that the spring season is late in Russia, and it is better to spend the main weeks in February-March.

By the length of the fashion week, we present a wealth of choices, from 1 day to 8 days (Diagram 2). The leader must be called, only 1 week of fashion takes place in Russia for 8 days - Estet. 7 weeks of fashion in Russia take 3 days or less. There is still such a feature. For some fashion weeks, the number of days it is held does not correspond to the number of days on which shows are held. And it turns out that on Tuesday there is a round table, on Wednesday a lecture, and the shows on Thursday. You can make your own opinion about the effectiveness of such a program. At 19 weeks of fashion, the timing of casting (subject to the reservation made above) is from 4 to 8 days.

By the number of participating designers, such groups have turned out. I must say right away that the participants in the competitions are not among those participating in the main shows.
In total, we divided fashion weeks into 6 groups, 10 designers each. The numbers are very revealing. In general, no matter who says anything, the number of designers participating in the shows is just that indicator that goes into the quality of Fashion Week. The number of designers gives that necessary concentration of human capital, which contributes to the development of the fashion industry. By this criterion, all fashion weeks have something to strive for.

There is another indicator that they are equal in other countries - the number of designers from other countries participating in fashion weeks. According to this indicator, frankly speaking, there is nothing to brag about our weeks. Rare birds from other countries fly into our fashion weeks. And here, just in time, the leaders are two weeks regional. Caspian Fashion Week (Astrakhan) and Pacific Fashion Week (Vladivostok). Successful cases that are difficult to repeat precisely because of regional attraction. But very useful for the development of the fashion industry.

There are no business programs in 9 fashion weeks. There is no in-depth analysis of business programs in this review. For some organizers, business programs are limited to a round table. But now we do not take this into account, because in 9 weeks we do not have that either. Full-fledged business programs are at Fashion Week in Moscow, Mercedes, St. Petersburg Fashion Week, Ulyanovsk Fashion Week.

An important component is the presence of Trade show, a show room, although objectively, it is most often not show rooms in the classical sense. Showrooms were in 12 fashion weeks last season. Obviously, many organizers underestimate the fact that for designers the organization of a trade show and the sale of their products allows for additional contact with customers, recognition, not to mention the creation of conditions for buyers to work. And for visitors to fashion weeks, additional platforms are created to increase the attractiveness of fashion events.

Regarding the number of fashion weeks. My opinion here is determined by the quality of fashion events. There are few high-quality fashion weeks in Russia; they are not enough. It is necessary to raise their overall level of conduct.
New opportunities. This is what lies ahead of our fashion weeks, and these opportunities will raise our industry to a new level and give Russian designers additional tools for development.

There is no failed New Fashion Week in our analysis.