2020 February

Opening of the first professional showroom for buyers "Exhibition of Russian Designers"

Each brand at any stage of its development needs the formation of new wholesale channels if it is engaged in serial production of collections. And at that time, many buyers do not know where to find stably working Russian apparel brands that can attract customers to their stores. Association "Fashion Weeks" in Russia together with partners: Union of Russian Buyers, Moscow Fashion Week, St. Petersburg Fashion Week, the Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry "SoyuzLegProm" organize the first professional showroom for buyers "Exhibition of Russian Designers". It will create a permanent platform for brands aimed at creating optimal conditions for increasing sales and forming new channels of communication with buyers and large distributors. The showroom also offers a number of additional services aimed at advising and optimizing the process of creating, promoting of collections and increasing of sales, organizes events in the fashion world that brands need for their professional activities and development.

Acceptance of applications for collections placing in the showroom "Exhibition of Russian Designers" begins on February 1. Designers and brands focused on the serial production of their products will be able to become exhibitors of the showroom. To do this, you send an application to the organizers email info@profashionweek.ru, where you need to specify information about your brand in the form of lookbooks and other presentation materials of the brand.