April 2019


U / Fashion Week will be held in Ulyanovsk from 24 to 28, an international professional event designed to bring together apparel designers, interiors, makers, stylists, makeup artists, people with creative professions with the goal of developing the creative industry in the country and in the region in particular.

Federico Sangalli, a well-known Italian designer, a regular participant in Milan Fashion Week, will come for the fashion week. His clients include actresses Monica Bellucci, Eva Mendes, Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, as well as the wife of ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, singer, actress and model Carla Bruni.

Federico will become the headliner of the Grand show of the second Fashion Week in Ulyanovsk - Ulyanovsk FashionWeek2019. He will bring to Ulyanovsk a collection of evening dresses, which was presented at the last Fashion Week in Milan.

"The collection will be shown on the principle of "See now, buy now", everyone can buy the thing they like right away. In addition, Federico is ready to accept individual orders: he will bring tissue samples and take measurements personally in the KUZINA studio, with whom the fashion designer concluded a partnership agreement, " said Alisa Bogatova, general producer and main organizer of Ulyanovsk FashionWeek2019.

In addition, a large delegation from China will come to Ulyanovsk: Bin Chen, professor of the costume design department of Shanghai University, with students. They will present their collections at Fashion Week.

"This is an unprecedented event for Ulyanovsk. In our city, there will meet representatives of the western, traditional, with a rich history of fashion and guests from the East, from a country that is taking its first steps in the fashion industry. For us, this is a great opportunity to get to know each other, study experience and establish contacts with representatives of two different cultures, "Alisa Bogatova said.

The opening of Fashion Week in Ulyanovsk is preceded by unique fashion brunches "ByUlyanovsk FashionWeek", organized by the famous Ulyanovsk designer, curator of the business program Irina Malova. Within four weeks, everyone who is interested in fashion-related topics will be able to discuss interesting topics. This is the development of fashion journalism; success stories of world famous fashion houses; informed consumption - how to be fashionable, but not to spend too much on clothes, as well as the "aftertaste" of Fashion Week: is there life after shows?

Tickets can be purchased by calling +7 (902) 356-81-08, Tatyana. Or at the box office of Simbilet (SEC AQUAMOLL - Central atrium at the base of the escalator, Shopping Center "Leader" in the New City).